How to Use PayPal on Amazon – Is it Possible?

Are you still figuring whether you can use PayPal on Amazon or not? Well, we have got your back. PayPal has become a big payment-making platform that operates in 200 plus countries globally.

Use PayPal on Amazon

But to be directly on point, it is not as simple as you think; on the contrary, it is complicated to use the money transferring platform on the shopping site. Read on, to know all the in and out about the e-commerce giant’s PayPal support.

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Use PayPal on Amazon: Technically It is Possible?

Technically, you can use PayPal to make purchases from Amazon. But, there are a few hoops to jump through for it to be done. There are many methods to try, with a vast PayPal balance to be spent.

Amazon does not accept the money transfer platform natively:

There is no way to link his/her PayPal account with the online shopping site Amazon even though many other e-retailers have allowed their customers to use the payment-making application PayPal in a hassle-free manner.

It should be thought why the commerce site Amazon does not allow a direct link with PayPal. It is not formally accepted on it. The main reason seen behind it is PayPal’s long-term association with Amazon’s primary competitor eBay. The second reason is that the payment platform is competing with Amazon Pay, Amazon’s payment service. These two reasons are leading both PayPal and Amazon to shy away from amalgamating their services.

But still, there are ways to use the PayPal balance for making purchases on Amazon.

Legit Methods to use PayPal on Amazon

1. Using a PayPal cash card

This is one of the most useful ways to make payments on Amazon. The cash card is an essential accessory of the PayPal account. It works like a Mastercard to your balance in the PayPal account. It is used just like any other Mastercard and is accepted everywhere, making it acceptable at Amazon. This allows you to use the cash card either physically in all stores, or the spent card number can be used on all online stores.

PayPal cash card

Applying for a cash card for PayPal is very simple. Just by paying some charge, which is for withdrawing an amount from the ATM, no other money is spent on maintaining the card or making any purchases on the shopping sites, including Amazon.

The point to be kept in mind is that it is not made available in all countries. Only a few countries support that, too, after fulfilling individual requirements.

The requirements for the USA accounts are listed below:

  • There should not be any resolve pending about outstanding account issues.
  • The account should be tied to a phone number and a definite address.
  • PayPal would require you to confirm the date of birth and your SSN with it.

Also, the business account holders can apply for a Debit Mastercard for conducting business, and the process for that is also almost the same as mentioned above. Using a cash card is very easy for making purchases on Amazon. All you need to do is, at the checkout point, enter the cash card numerical and the shopping site; Amazon would accept the payment like payment received from any other card.

Using PayPal for buying Gift Cards on Amazon:

The other method of making purchases on Amazon using the PayPal balance is via gift cards. Now, there are many ways in which you can buy gift cards on Amazon using PayPal, which includes eBay, eGifter, Bundle, and many more. But you shall be cautious while buying gift cards. If you carelessly buy an obsolete or bogus gift card, it would be of no use, and payment for such a card would be a complete waste.

Amazon gift cards

Once the Amazon Gift card is bought via PayPal Balance, it is just a few minutes to get it added to the Amazon account. Before making any payment for the purchases done, do not forget to add the card to the account, as it might not work at the checkout point.

Steps to redeem the PayPal bought Amazon gift card:

  • Log in to the Amazon account.
    login amazon account
  • On the top right, move the mouse on your name and get into your account.
    Account option on amazon
  • Click on the option of applying for a gift card.
    Add giftcard on amazon
  • Now, after entering the card code, click to apply to the account balance.

So, here onwards, for making purchases on Amazon, you can simply use your gift card balance at the time of checkout. And just in case, if the amount exceeds your balance with Amazon, the difference amount can always be paid using a debit/credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to make a payment via PayPal on Amazon?

For making payments via PayPal, either its cash card can be used as a debit card. If it is for a single person, you will get a cash card, just a debit card. If it is for a business account, then Business Mastercard can be applied for.

Does Amazon accept PayPal credit?

No, Amazon does not accept it. Neither does it accept the credit line approved to the PP Bus.

In which format does Amazon accept payment?

It accepts all debit and credit card payments. It also approves any transfer from the Amazon account balance. The credit cards accepted are Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB. Also, the card is made available for usage with some selected businesses.

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Making payments for purchases from Amazon using PayPal is not very easy as they both are never directly linked, but it is made possible by using either a cash card or a gift card. Proper caution must be exercised while making the payment at the checkout screen. While using a cash card, be careful to check the card’s expiry and while using the gift card, properly follow the steps to redeem it.