Best Credit Cards for Students (2021) – Easy Approval

Are you a student? Do you have your own credit card? If you don’t then, let us tell you there are a number of credit cards that are chiefly designed for students like you guys. We can see there is a limited experience of college students to use credit cards and therefore their credit histories are almost nonexistent. However, we will suggest you don’t neglect this matter which is really important to build a positive credit history.

Best credit cards for students

We know that students are also interested in building credit quickly; therefore you need to apply for a credit card. Do you know there are lots of facilities in student credit cards that are available at a low price? It also comes with reasonable APRS and it specially created to fulfill the student’s requirements.

Best Credit Cards for Students – January 2021

Here, we have enlisted some of the finest options on the current market of the USA, whether it really suits the students-

1. Deserve Edu Student Credit Card

This credit card is considered as a no-annual-fee student card which draws a 1% cashback facility on each buying. This is just a beginning! You can have a complimentary one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime. Thereby you can save $59 on purchasing the Amazon Prime Student package for a full year. So isn’t it interesting? Now, this is your job to maximize this opportunity by opening up for Amazon Prime students and there is no need to pay for a one-year membership. This is not the end! You also can have-

Deserve Edu Student Credit Card

Sign-up Bonus:

You can get a sign-up bonus while opening this credit card account. Although, currently there is no such offer remains.

Earning Rewards:

We can say there is no such limit to earn from this card whether you can earn a 1% cashback on each transaction.

Redeeming Rewards:

You also have the opportunity to adjust your cashback with your statement credits and you also can direct deposit to your linked bank account. Moreover, you also can redeem this for merchandise and gift cards.

2. The Petal Cash Back Visa Card

The Petal Cash Back Visa Card

Visa credit card is not specifically designed for the students because it’s not only marketed for the students. This card is made for everyone whether it is necessary for people who do not have significant credit histories. You will get more interested when you hear this card do not require a necessary credit score and in fact, it’s an opportunity for you guys to build up your credit.

This card facilitates you:

You can maintain the credit limits from $500 to $10,000 range. However, it is huge if you compare to other entry level credit cards. The APR level is really low than other credit cards. One thing always remembers it is better to full payment your balance. Instantly, this card doesn’t charge any foreign transaction or annual fees and moreover, you also can have basic benefits from this card-

Sign-up Bonus:

There is plenty of opening bonuses that can be seen on this card. However, currently, there is no sign-up bonus.

Earning Rewards:

In this department, this card is really unbeaten whether for the first six months you can get a 1% cashback on every purchase. Thereafter, if you are able to keep on-time payment then you can increase this cashback limit up to 1.25%. Finally, you can lead this cashback offer to 1.50% after 12 months on all eligible purchases.


The APR ranges from 14.49% to 25.49% according to the variety of regular buying items.

3. Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

Are you looking for a lower budget credit card? Then this card is ideal for you because it offers you various cash backs and decent credit. One of the most interesting features of this card is that you can have a 1% cashback on each item like other but additionally you can earn a 0.25% cash back bonus on your monthly payment statement date. Not only that! It will give you more exciting offers and discounts-

Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

Early Spend Bonus:

This facility is currently not available.

Rewards & Redemption:

We already have mentioned the cashback rewards offer and you can redeem that accumulated cashback whenever you want. Moreover, you also have the ability to set your rewards balance to redeem at $25, $50, $100, $200 on the statement date.

Key Fees:

You do not require paying any annual or foreign transaction fees.

Introductory APR:

You cannot have an introductory APR on this card.

4. Citi Rewards+ Student Card

This card is chiefly beneficial for the people who spend maximum on groceries and gas- though with points assemble to the nearest 10 on each buying and your first 10,000 points can be redeemed every year which is considered as a 10% bonus.

Citi Rewards+ Student Card

Sign-up Bonus:

You can earn 2500 bonus if you purchase at least $500 with this card within 3 months. This is subjected as Thank You points which is sufficient to compensate $25 gift card.

Rewards & Redemption:

If you spend $6000 on gas station and supermarket combine in a year then you can get 2X points. Not only that! You can typically earn 1X points on every purchase including a gas station and supermarket. This card increases 10 points on each buying items and boosts redemption by 10% until it turns to the 100,000 points redeemed.

Key Fees:

You cannot gain any annual fee or foreign transaction fee.

Introductory APR:

After 7 months of opening your account you can have a 0% purchase APR and thereafter it’ fully depends upon regular APR applies.

5. Capital One Secured MasterCard:

This card is undoubtedly different from the above listed cards, whereas it’s not because only card membership is for limited students but also you need to make a cash deposit of $49, $99 or $200. Though it is expensive to use you can have a great number of credit limits from $200 to $1,000. Do you want to increase your credit limit? You can have the opportunity from this card to enhance your deposit money to increase your credit limit.

More or less we can find multiple issues related to this card. This is our responsibility to introduce the real fact about this card. One of the most effective drawbacks of this card is its purchase APR, that is genuinely much more excessive than other students credit card. However, let’s check out its features-

You cannot have any early spent bonus with this card. Not only that! You also cannot able to get any rewards or redemption. This card does not give any annual fees and you also cannot get any introductory APR from this.

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