Fix error – Microsoft Minecraft Issue

A majority of the Minecraft players face issues while logging in to Minecraft. They get the Aka.Ms/remoteconnect error on their screen. But, it is not a matter of concern as this is a very common error that players face. This article will help you handle this error and play your favorite game without any hassles.

What is

All the Minecraft players on PS4 Bedrock Edition get this bug, especially when they are using their Microsoft account for the first time, to play the game. Due to this error, the player is not able to log in to Minecraft and the user keeps getting the error message. Several players hint that device change could be a probable cause behind getting this message.

How to Fix aka.msremoteconnect

Users change their devices in search of new and more features but this creates a problem and gives the Microsoft log-in error. is the error that comes due to crossplay and creates a lot of hassles for the player. It takes off the essential assets of the game and the player is not able to buy anything from the store.

How to Fix connect Error?

It is a straightforward process to repair this bug. Follow the below steps, easily fix this error, and enjoy the game.

1. Obtaining the Sign In Code

Only the PS4 accounts get this error code. So, when a user with a new Microsoft account logs in, he gets this error and takes a few chances before he can successfully log in. He/She also faces the error code for signing in. Following is the Brute Force Method:

  • Go to the access page of Microsoft Code and gain access.
    login microsoft
  • Note down the error code of the error message.
  • Copy this code and paste it on another device’s Microsoft page.

Thereafter, the player gains access to Minecraft Store and lets him get the coupon codes.

2. Remove the Corrupted and Saved Data

remove corputed date on minecraft

Here are the steps to remove the saved and corrupted data of the game:

  • Go to Settings > System Settings > Storage > Game Storage.
  • Here, the Minecraft game has created two data files of the game.
  • Delete these files and start again.

In case you again see the error codes, start the process from the first step.

3. New Microsoft Account Registration

In case the player has used his Microsoft account on Xbox earlier, it won’t work on PS4. also, if the player has recently changed his device he is ought to face this error. So, to resolve the issue of this bug, the player needs to make a brand new Microsoft account.

The player can use the remote access function to easily fix the https// remote connects error.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I transfer DLC Content to the new version?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the Minecraft Nintendo Switch DLC content to Minecraft’s new versions.

Why I require a Microsoft Account on PS4 Bedrock Edition?

It is optional to have a Microsoft account if you are playing the Minecraft game on PS4. but if you have one, it helps you in connecting with other players with different devices. It is free to register for a new Microsoft account and is needed to switch to Nintendo.

Is it possible to find friends with their Minecraft Microsoft Account?

Here is how the player can find friends using a Microsoft account:

  • Go to the Friends tab when the game starts and Add them.
  • Fill in your friend’s Microsoft Gamertag to find them easily.

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The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft lags in many features especially while facing these errors. These errors are irritating and do not let the player enjoy the Minecraft game. This game is all about the code and when the player is not able to sign in, it takes away all the enjoyment. Follow the above-mentioned steps carefully and you will be able to fix these errors.