How to Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages?

You might have come across several YouTube videos where people unbox the unclaimed Amazon boxes and find surprises in them! Well, opening an unclaimed Amazon Box is just like unboxing a mystery box.

But the question is where to buy these unclaimed packages, and can you really buy them? I too bought some of them and got a lot of useful stuff for fractions. Here’s how you can also purchase these Amazon shipments.

How Can You Buy the Unclaimed Amazon Packages?

One can buy the Amazon unclaimed packages from the local swap meets. There are some other eCommerce websites also like Liquidation and Wibargain. They sell the Amazon unclaimed packages or the liquidation goods as mystery boxes, so if you want to try your luck then go ahead and bid for the packages.

How to Buy Amazon Unclaimed Packages

This is the best way to claim the unclaimed packages or the return packages. The reason is a massive proportion of the liquidation companies claim to offer the best bidding opportunities on the unsorted and unclaimed packages.

However, before you register for purchasing to a liquidation company, make sure to check the seller’s reputation. In addition to this, look carefully at the customer experience on the particular platform who have bought from those liquidation companies.

Moreover, another best way to find reputable liquidation companies is to check online reviews. This will give you a clear picture of the reputation of the company.

Research is Crucial Before Buying the Amazon Unclaimed Packages!

If you want to make some handsome profit, then research is the most crucial part before heading towards the liquidation companies. The stories of successful buy and scrap being purchased through the merchandise come from the customers who jump into the auction pool. So, always make time for the research. Along with this, make sure to buy only from reputable Direct liquidations.

Amazon Unclaimed Packages

The reason behind choosing Direct Liquidation is that they provide you all the manifest by passing through various scanning methods such as scanning the Universal Product Codes. Besides that, they also pass them from the software to make sure that everything is described accurately.

From the registered liquidation, you will be able to buy these unclaimed boxes at the lowest possible price. Don’t forget to sharpen up your bidding skills to make maximum profit from the unclaimed packages.

How to Proceed for Auction On DirectLiquidation.Com?

The unclaimed packages are sold in auction at the lowest price than the overall MSRP of the packages. is also an excellent platform to buy unclaimed packages. So, if you wish to buy these unclaimed packages, then you need to follow the process.

  • You need to create a free account on DirectLiquidation before you move ahead to the auction.
    DirectLiquidation Homepage
  • During sign-up, you need to provide the basic details and valid credit card details to ensure that you are a genuine bidder.
    Signup Direct Liquidation
  • Once you create the account, the fun part of bidding begins here. To start bidding for a particular inventory, start by clicking on “Shop by Department” or type “All Auctions” in the search bar.
  • Here, when you click on it, you will get various options for bidding on unclaimed packages and various other Amazon Liquidations that are available for sale.
  • Once you find the particular Amazon return package, you need to enter the bid and wait to see the auction results. If you win the package, you will be able to claim that package and be shipped to your address.
  • You can pay for the bid amount via Bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal as well.

What If You Miss the Live Auction?

Don’t worry if you miss the live auction or forget to take part in the live auction; then, you can still claim the return packages at a fixed price. There are a lot of unclaimed packages available with the “Buy it Now” option. So, you can purchase the unclaimed boxes immediately.

Pro Tips:

The amazon unclaimed packages aren’t tested. This means that each unclaimed package will contain some terms and conditions. Some of the Amazon return pellets may be ready for sale, while some need to fix before making them retail-ready. So, make sure to research and bid carefully on these packages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do if my package isn’t delivered to me and the status shows it's delivered?

Contact the customer services center or the help center of amazon to sort out your queries as soon as possible.

Where do these unclaimed packages go?

The unclaimed packages are claimed by the Direct liquidations and other vendors. They will sell them in auctions and at the lowest prices.

What if I fail to pick up my package?

If you fail to claim your package, it will return to the merchandise or the Direct liquidation websites for reselling.

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Final Words:

Now, as you know, you can claim these unclaimed packages, try your lock, get these mystery boxes, and make some profit. But before you start claiming these packages, make sure to bid properly, research about them, and choose reputable liquidation websites.