6 Best Credit Cards For Young Adults in 2022

Strengthening credit is a crucial part of young adults; however, the right credit card depends on how responsibly you plan to utilize it- and what is your position in your credit journey. Whether you are facing a problem with selecting new credit cards to start your financial plan, we will provide you the list of best credit-cards available in market of United States of America.

Our list of top-quality credit cards will include accurate fees and offers delivered to the customers by credit card providers.

Best Credit cards for young adults in 2021

If you are looking for credit cards that help you to establish, strengthen, and rebuild your credit score, then you require choosing credit cards from our list of recommendation that is best suited according to your requirements.

You must be very careful while selecting a credit card because you can receive extra rewards for every purchase you made using your credit card.

Credit Card Tips for Young Adults:

You need to remember that responsibly using a credit card and getting the best out of it requires making wise decisions. You can also take advice from adults who have experience in building financial planning.  You need to be aware of all upcoming credit card offers available in the United States.

If you take early precautionary steps, you can easily avoid credit risks and maximize your benefits.

  1. You need to start using a credit card to build and strengthen your credit
  2. You are recommended to set the records of Automatic Monthly Payments.
  3. Young adults are always recommended to use 30% less amount of their credit line.
  4. You need to review your transactions every month while keeping an eye on your credit score simultaneously.

List of 5+ Best Credit cards for Young Adults in 2022

1. Discover It secured Credit Card

Discover It secured Credit Card

Discover credit card is popular in the market for its top-notch customer care support.

  • This credit card helps to match all cash backs at the end of one year automatically, that you have earned.
  • This is indeed a genuine credit that helps you construct a standard credit record with responsible use.
  • You will receive instant security alter if your social security number is present on any dark websites. Activate this at zero cost, now!
  • You will not be charged any annual fees once you open an account with Discover It Secured Credit Card.
  • Customers need to pay a 10.99% regular APR for six months.
  • This is not the end! You are going to receive 2% cashback at restaurants and gas stations on spending up to 1000 dollars every three months. In addition to this, you will also receive an unlimited cashback of 1% on all other purchases.
  • You will also become eligible to receive US-based customer support and a free credit scorecard using the FICO Credit score.
  • You need to pay refundable 200 dollars as a security deposit to establish your credit line. You also require to provide your bank details while submitting your refundable deposit.

2. American Express Green Credit Card

American Express Green Credit Card

If you are looking to start a life of exploring the world, you will love this credit card offered by American Express.

  • You will receive chances to earn points for your personal as well as business tours if you use this card while making payments.
  • You will earn 3X points on dining, transit, and travel. You will also receive one point for every dollar spent using this card.
  • This card offers 30,000 dollars on spending 2,000 dollars in the first three months of opening your account.
  • This American Express Green Credit Card charges you 150 dollars annually.

3. Discover it Student Cash Back Credit card

Discover it Student Cash Back Credit card

If you still have an active university or college email address like (.edu), you will be eligible to get access to several unique attractive credit card offers.

  • You will receive a cashback of 2% on every 1000 dollars spent on gas stations and restaurants using this credit card.1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • Discover Student cashback credit card doubles all rewards that you have earned in the first year from the date of your new account.
  • You will also receive 20 dollars statement credit every year if you score a 3.0 or higher GPA in school for the next five years.
  • You do not require to pay an annual fee or late fee on your first late monthly payment. You also need not pay APR for paying late.
  • You have the freedom to freeze your account which will prevent new purchases, balance transfers and cash advances within seconds,

4. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

This is one of the most popular credit cards among the young adults of the United States of America because it charges 0 dollar annual fees.

  • You can easily get access to a higher line of credit soon after depositing five monthly payments on the required time.
  • This credit card offers fraud coverage in case your card is stolen or lost.
  • You can get access to your account 24*7, use mobile banking to check your account and work on your smartphone using their mobile application.
  • This credit card no doubt helps in strengthening your credit score to make a secure future if you responsibly use your credit card.
  • Capital One card provides offers almost everything young adults require to build an inexpensive credit.


What is the minimum age to receive a credit card?

You must be 18 years old to become eligible for credit in the United States of America. However, young adults who have not reached the age of 18 years can also receive a credit card under an adult’s account.

What are the quickest steps to increase my credit score?

1. These are few tips in which you can raise your credit score quickly without taking any credit risks.
2. You need to clean your credit report first.
3. Pay down your balance on time.
4. Start paying twice a month.
5. Increase your credit line.
6. You need to open a new account.
7. Maintain outstanding balances.

How do I build a good credit profile?

1. Get a branded secured card.
2. Work on a credit-builder product or a secured loan.
3. Use a co-applicant.
4. Become an authorized user.
5. Do get credit for the bills you pay.
6. Exercise good credit habits.
7. Check your credit scores and reports regularly.
8. Avoid things lowering your credits

What kind of bills build credit?

1. Paying for rents. DIfficulty before the property management platforms was the renters were unable
to report rent payments to credit bureaus to build their credit.
2. Paying utility bills.
3. Auto payments to Loan.
4. Paying Student Loan.
5. Credit Card Payments.
6. Paying Medical Bills.


If you think about a typical young adult and professional, you would probably agree that our top credit cards recommended are almost a match made in godgift, given these individuals the efficiency to high spending on dining, travel, streaming, and entertainment and all necessary utilities.

The world of credit cards can be a big dillema, but don’t let it confuse you from applying for a card that can help you earn rewards, boost your credit or help you cover a large purchase. And don’t let your lack of knowledge be an obstacle.

The best way is to start your financial and credit journey to give yourself time to build up your credit score so that you can set yourself up for larger financial goals like buying a house or a car.

We hope you now have enough information to make an informed decision for the next card you’ll be getting.