How to Get Audible Student Discount?

Are you a voracious reader, but with all the weight of being a student and managing your courses, you feel like you do not have the time to read your favorite books anymore? Do you miss the feeling of completely diving into a new unknown world and being lost in it for hours? 

Or, you may be someone who wants to get into the habit of reading but can’t focus on the pages without getting distracted easily.

How to Get Audible Student Discount

Audible is the solution. Not having enough time is not an excuse anymore. You can listen to audiobooks while you do your chores, cook, or even when you’re walking to campus. 

What’s more, you are eligible for a student discount too! Read on to find out how to avail of this offer. 

Audible: Overview

Audible is Amazon’s audiobook and podcast service. It stands out from its competitors like Apple Books and Google Play Books by offering a plethora of categories to choose from, having celebrity narrators and affordable membership plans to choose from. 


Be it thriller or sci-fi books, self-help, podcasts, or series, audible has everything you can think of and more. 

You can get recommendations based on your preferences or check out the reviews by fellow readers before deciding on a title to pick. You now don’t have to make time for reading. Just listen to your favorite books while doing other tasks or if you’re on the go. 

Audible also lets you exchange a book for free if you don’t like or enjoy it. Once you buy a book, it will be in your library forever, even after you cancel your membership. And for students, all this comes at a reduced price!

How to Get Audible Student Discount  (Step By Step Guide)

With an Audible student discount, you can save up to 30% on your subscription. This offer is for new customers only, so make sure you make a new audible account. 

Follow the steps below to avail of the offer.

Step #1: Go to 

Audible Student Discount

Step #2: Sign up or log in to your UNiDAYS account so you can verify your student discount eligibility. 


Step #3: You will then get a link from which you can redeem your Audible discount. 

Step #4: Give your billing information.

Step #5: Redeem your membership and start listening! 

This offer is only available to verified US students, and a UNiDAYS membership is required. 

Your Student membership is now valid for 12 months from now. After 12 months, you have to verify your student account eligibility for the next 12 month period. And you can only receive the discounted rate for a maximum of 4 years. 

What Do You Get With An Audible Student Discount? 

Yes, there are perks to being a student, after all. Getting a student discount on subscriptions is easy, and it has many advantages. The same stands for Audible student discount. The following are the features you get with your student membership: 

  • Once your student status is verified and you begin your subscription, you can use the discount for the next 12 months!
  • You can listen to three titles every month, out of which one will be one audiobook and 2 audible originals. If you change your mind about a book, you can exchange it with another for free.
  • Time to stop worrying about Freshman 15 when you can use the audio-guided workouts that come with your subscription.
  • There are times when you are so overwhelmed with university work that you know you won’t be using your audible account for a long time, and you’re thinking of canceling your membership not to let the money go to waste. Instead, you can pause your membership! You don’t get billed during this period. Pause your subscription for up to 3 months, once a year. 
  • Audible gives you a $10 credit deposited in your account within 72 hours after you signup for the subscription. You can use it to purchase products and services sold by Amazon.

Pricing Plans Of Audible

There are three subscription plans for audible:

Audible Pricing Plans

1. Audible Plus: $9.95 / month

You can listen to selected Audible Originals, audiobooks, podcasts, etc., an unlimited number of times.

2. Audible Premium Plus: $14.95 / month

Along with what comes in Audible Plus, you also get one title from Audible’s premium section per month and 30% off on additional premium titles.

3. Audible student discount: $9.95 / month

Provided you have a valid UNiDAYS account, and you can avail of this offer and save 30% plus get a $10 credit.

The difference between Audible Plus and its student subscription is that students get 2 Audible originals every month and have guided workouts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is audible worth it?

If you’re an avid listener of audiobooks, then getting the audible subscription is worth it to save you some bucks. But if you listen to one book every few months, then the $14.95 membership seems like a waste. Instead, buy separate books on audible as a non-member.

How many times can I claim this offer?

This offer can only be claimed once. You can go on hiatus, i.e., pause your subscription for up to 3 months once a year. During this time, you will not be billed.

Can I use the same offer after my subscription ends?

Yes, you can use the same offer again, provided you can verify your student identity within 30 days of the subscription ends. After that, you can enjoy the student discount for another 12 months.

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We hope this article gave you clarity about Audible’s student discount. So don’t wait; get started on a membership today. You have a whole world of stories waiting to be heard at such an affordable price. Happy listening!