Amazon Credit Card Review – How to Apply in 2020

Hello dear customers! Are you craving to do little more online shopping? Then Amazon credit card is offering an unbelievable deal. Beginners should know that these Amazon points are as useful as cash. Because it helps you purchase pretty everything available on the website. It offers you the best price and also helps you to earn a CashBack of 3% to 5% on almost all purchases from Amazon depending on your prime membership.

Amazon credit card does not cost you a huge amount of money. It also doesn’t charge an annual fee while applying for Amazon Visa. You will get to know the lucrative features of the Amazon Credit Card below.

Reasons to choose Amazon Credit Card:

  • Amazon Credit Card offers two points for every dollar spent at drug stores, restaurants and gas stations. Thus making your Amazon Rewards as your only credit card will position you on the side of benefits.
  • You can both pay and redeem your Amazon points. Your earnings can be redeemed if you book travel accommodations through Chase Ultimate. Making the Amazon Credit card even more flexible and popular among its users. You can simply use Amazon points to pay your bills.
  • You will also get 5% Cashback on every one dollar while purchasing made on the whole food market and Amazon if you own a Prime membership.
  • You will receive an amount of sixty dollars instantly on your Amazon account once your application of Amazon Credit Card gets approved.
  • Every hundred points are equal to one dollar that you can directly pay while checkout your purchase from Amazon. You can choose to pay a part of your purchase or full payment.

You can earn up to three points and two points on spending one dollar on Amazon and the whole market of food and at restaurants, drugstore and gas station respectively.

Best Credit Card for Amazon:

Amazon customers have a lot of options to choose their credit card from either e-commerce companies or from other credit card organizations. List of best Amazon credit cards for making a purchase in Amazon:

  • Chase Freedom.
  • Amazon visa signature for prime members.
  • Discover Cashback.
  • Amazon reward visa

Let us look at the comparison made between Amazon prime card and Amazon’s regular card. The best credit card for Prime members is Amazon Prime Signature Reward Card. It does not charge any annual fees but a one-time prime membership subscription of around 119 dollars. It also offers 70 dollars as a gift coupon once your subscription request gets approved. You will also get access to various videos under Amazon prime.

One of the best benefits it provides Cashback of 5% on food purchases from Amazon. It is not the end! You will receive crucial 1% cash back upon every purchase made at Amazon. Further making a purchase on drugstores, restaurants and gas station you will receive. This is not the end! If you haven’t subscribed to Amazon Prime membership, you can still avail of credits cards while making a purchase on Amazon.

Amazon Rewards Card is the best option for them. No doubt, it is a lighter version of the Amazon reward signature card. On applying for Amazon credit card you will receive a buck of 50 dollar shopping coupon. But still, you can save a few of your bucks on every purchase in Amazon online shopping.


  • You don’t require paying any annual fees for availing Amazon Credit Card.
  • You will receive around 50 dollars after your account gets approved.
  • This is not the end! You will additionally receive 2% cashback at drugstore, restaurants and gas stations.
  • Amazon credit card brings you more excitement for its customers by offering up to 3% cashback while making a purchase of food items from the food market of Amazon.
  • Amazon Credit card is at your service for 24*7.


  • You have seen a wide range of benefits using Amazon Credit Card, but its Prime membership is not at all complimentary.
  • If you want to purchase costly items like television then Amazon Credit Card is of no use. It won’t be helping you pay for big items.

After going through the two best Amazon credit cards, you can now select your credit card based on your requirements.  Underlying all criteria it is seen that in most situations, Amazon Prime visa Card is a better option to go for!

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1Q. How Amazon credit card is gets approved?

Ans: You need to provide all the necessary information related to memberships in case of necessity. Generally, customers having excellent credit points have high chances of approval.

2Q. Is Amazon credit card worth the hype?

Ans: If you are a fan of frequent online shopping and addicted to watching prime streaming videos, don’t think much it is worth signing to Amazon Prime.

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