Best Synchrony Credit Cards 2022 – Home, Car, Sport etc.

Do you want an outstanding store credit card in the US? Then, you should go for Synchrony credit cards as in Synchrony Financial, Synchrony Bank played a crucial role to issue store credit cards. In terms of credit card issuers, you can get familiar names like Chase, American Express, Citi, and Capital One but you avoid the big name Synchrony.

Synchrony Credit Cards

According to the Nilson Report in 2019, they took the lead number in the US as a private label credit card provider. They are in partnership with the top most companies like Chevron, Amazon, and Lowe’s and along with numerous smaller companies. Here we are going to discuss different cards and their features which are sponsored by Synchrony.

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4 Best Different Types of Synchrony Credit Cards

We can often see many cards that can be used for different purposes, but they are not equally effective in each purpose. You can see a particular customer support number by which you can contact to take your card. Therefore, Synchrony brings multi-store category cards which fulfill several purposes of stores and their services-

1. Synchrony Sports Credit Card

Synchrony Sports Credit Card

These credit cards are created to make convenient shopping for fitness equipment and sports items.

2. Synchrony Car Care Credit Card

Synchrony Car Care Credit Card

It is made for particular auto shops and those retailers who sell tiers. You can apply for this card at various auto shops.

3. Synchrony HOME Credit Card

Synchrony HOME Credit Card

This card is basically used for home decoration like electronic items, furnishing items, and different appliance retailers.

4. Synchrony Carecredit Credit Card

Synchrony CareCredit Credit Card

They provide certain healthcare cards which you can use for both humans and pets. It comes with different financial plans which support paying in medical services over time. However, in this context, you should remember that if you fail to repay the whole amount of the balance within the due date or unable to pay the monthly payment then you will get charged with an interest rate.

This is not only considered for health care and hospital issues but it also similarly applicable for other financial plans. These are also offered by different cards sponsored by Synchrony credit cards.

Customer Service & Payment Procedure:

Whenever trying to touch with Synchrony, you may find a disorder of phone numbers and contact details. If you are trying to take help from a particular credit card, you may get face a different struggle through the phone menu.

You can easily find your card from the menus on the left side of the contact page. Thereafter, you can see a particular customer support number by which you can contact to take your card.

However, there are many complaints registered against Synchrony Bank credit cards. These complaints are mainly against customer service facilities. It is often heard that the customer servicing executive provides wrong information to the clients.

Not only that! They are also unable to keep their promises, for example waiving a fee. Apart from all these, you can also find issues related to administration, redeeming rewards, and difficulties to pay.

Different Cards in a Table Format:

Here, we are trying to display all the necessary credit cards from Synchrony Bank which has numerous ways to use.

Retail Store Card’s Name
1800 Mattress 1800Mattress Credit Card
AAMCO Transmission AAMCO Synchrony Car Care Credit Card
ABC Warehouse Abt Credit Card
Airport Home Appliance & Mattress Airport Home Appliance & Mattress Credit Card
Amazon Amazon Prime Store Card
Gap American GapCard
Jewelry Exchange Jewelry Exchange Credit Card
Kawasaki Kawasaki Credit Card
Sleep Number Sleep Number Credit Card

This is not the end! You can also get different cards for Traveling from Synchrony Bank Credit Cards.

Travel Service Cards
Cheapo Air CheapOair Visa Credit Card

CheapOair Visa Signature Credit Card

One Travel One Travel Visa Credit Card

One Travel Visa Signature Credit Card

Stash Hotel Rewards Stash Hotel Credit Cards

Moreover, you can also get Auto and Gas Station Credit Cards from Synchrony Bank.

Company Cards
BP BP Credit Card

BP Visa Credit Card

CITGO CITGO Rewards Credit Card
Nissan Nissan Visa Credit Card

Nissan Visa Signature Credit Card

Synchrony Car Care Synchrony Car Care Credit Card

This is not the end! You can also get various cards for Medical purposes from Synchrony Bank Credit Cards.

Company Cards
Care Credit CareCredit Card
Jacuzzi Saunas Jacuzzi Saunas Credit Card
Lasik Lasik Plus Credit Card
Pearle Vision Pearle Preferred Credit Card

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Frequently asked questions: 

How often does Synchrony Bank can give credit increases?

For every six months over the phone or online, you can request a credit increase.

Is it hard to increase Synchrony credit limit?

In that case, issuers only use a soft inquiry (which does not affect your credit score) for this type of increase. If you ask them for an increase instead, they’re more likely to use a hard inquiry, which can cause a temporary drop in your score.

Does Synchrony Bank use FICO score?

Synchrony uses TransUnion nearly exclusively. Though all three credit bureaus use your
financial activities as the basis for their reports about you, there might be slightly different details or scores.

What credit limit and can I get with a 750 credit score?

You can get credit limit with a 750 credit score is the $1,000-$15,000 range, but a higher limit is possible.