Best Business Credit Cards in 2022

Greetings customers! Are you curious to know about the latest offers given by Business credit cards in 2022? The Year 2022 indeed is bringing solutions to the financial problems faced by shopping lovers.

It is an excellent idea to start your financial plan on this New Year by availing Business Credit Card. So, before selecting any one business credit card based on your requirements, let us first check the details of business credit cards that are available in the global markets of 2022.

Best Business Credit Cards

Best Credit Card can become your best friend in 2022. If you are keen to start a small business of your own, no matter if it is full-time or part-time, you can always take the benefits by joining a business credit card. You can secure business credit card benefits even if you are a freelancer, or sell items online.

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List of Best Business Credit Cards In 2022

Welcome! To determine which business credit cards offer the best overall value and meet all your requirements, you need to look at our list of best business credit cards carefully.

1. Ink Business Preferred business credit card:

Ink Business Preferred business credit card

This business credit card is a great choice for business owners who love to earn rewards on all business expenses made generally.

  • Ink Business Preferred credit card charges an annual fee of 95 dollars.
  • Business owners do not have to pay any pees while making purchases outside the United States using this credit card.
  • It also offers free employee cards to its customers.
  • Business cardholders can easily redeem all their gift cards, experiences, travel, cash back, and many more through Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • This card also offers protection to your cell phones. It covers theft or any damage for business owners and employees of that organization if the phone bills are paid using this credit card every time.
  • Business owners can earn 3 points on every 1 dollar till it reaches the amount of 150,000 dollars. These purchases include shipping costs, travel, cable, internet, and phone services, and advertisement purchase with social engines and Social media.
  • Customers are lucky enough on this 2022, this credit card is also offering 80,000 bonus points on every purchase made in the first three months from opening an account with Ink Business Credit-Card.

2. Capital One: Cash for Business credit cards:

Capital One

If you are looking for the best cash-back credit cards, then Capital One Spark credit card is a great grab for you!

  • Annual fee will charge you around 95 dollars. However, you can enjoy your first year of Capital One credit card at zero cost.
  • It offers no foreign transaction fees.
  • You can earn up to 2,000 dollars as a bonus while joining Capital One Business credit card for the first time.
  • This credit card also offers 500 dollars cash back on the purchase of every 5000 dollars for the first three months of joining.
  • Business owners can also earn 1,500 dollars if they spend 50,000 dollars in the first six months of opening your account.
  • It offers a Regular cashback of 2% on every purchase you made.
  • This credit card also permits you to redeem your cash backs and bonus for any amount at any time.
  • It Charges an 18.74% regular APR.

3. Blue Business Plus Credit Card:

Business owners who are looking for credit cards that will offer no incurring interest on making new purchases should consider Blue Business plus Credit-Card.

  • If you are planning to purchase new office appliances, furniture, electronics, and other items that are related to business organizations, this special financial period will offer you the longest period of no interest compared to other business credit cards that are so far launched in 2022 market.
  • You do not require to pay an annual fee.
  • This company also provides free employee cards which will benefit your business organization further.
  • However, this credit card will charge 2.7% on every transaction made outside the country.
  • You need to pay a minimum of 5 dollars as a balance transfer fee.
  • Business owners can straightforwardly earn 10,000 reward points on purchases of 3,000 dollars within the first three months of joining Membership Rewards.
  • Business owners need to pay 14.74% to 20.75% regular APA.

4. Business Platinum Credit Card from American Express:

This is the best Small Business credit cards is very popular among the business owners in the market for offering top-notch premium perks to its customers.

American Express Credit Card
  • Business customers can earn a hell of a lot of points once they avail themselves of Membership Rewards. You can earn 5X points while spending your money on prepaid hotels and flights using
  • You can even earn bonus points of 50,000 after you made a purchase of 50,000 dollars. You can also avail of 25,000 points when you spend an additional amount of 10,000 dollars on listed purchases using this credit card within three months of your membership.
  • However, Business Platinum Card charges you 595 dollars every year which is quite expensive for new and small business owners.
  • Business Owners also get 35% of credit points while booking flights, and a 50% point on making a purchase of 5000 dollars.
  • This is not the end! All business owners who have opened an account with this credit card are eligible to get the complimentary status of Hilton Honors Gold and Marriott Gold Elite.
  • But the biggest con of this credit card is that it does not offer any discount on fees charged for a balance transfer.

5. Discover It business credit cards:

Discover It business credit cards

If any business owners require enough time to pay down their business expenses, you must consider opening an account with this card.

  • New cardholders receive a 0% APR on regular purchases for one year which is quite impressive. It is one of the longest offers that a business credit card is offering in 2022.
  • At the end of your first year, discover Business’s credit card will offer you cash-backs that you have earned during the no-interest time period.
  • You can earn 1.5% cash back on every dollar you spend using this credit card. It also helps in tracking your business expenses by allowing downloading transactions easily.
  • Business owners can avail themselves of free employee credit cards for her/his company and have no annual fee.
  • This credit card is also responsible for providing 100% authorization to purchase and 0% fraud liability.
  • It may not be the right option for those businessmen who need to pay a huge amount of money.

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After understanding all the welcoming offers that are provided by Best Business Credit Cards, it can be said that Capital One, Cash for Business is best suited for those businessmen who try to generate increased cash back by using credit cards. Ink Business credit card is best suited to business owners who love to receive rewards.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the time period to get a business credit card?

In most cases, it generally takes 6-10 business days to receive a new business credit card after being approved for a new account. If you want to receive your business credit card 2022 as quickly as possible, then check out some of our tips:
1. Make your application request without wasting any time.
2. Select the option for branch pickup.
3. Required to withdraw cash from their branch.
4. You need to keep racking your credit card in case you face some issues.

What are the steps to get your first business credit card?

You require following a few easy steps to get your business credit card for the first time:
1. You need to first check your credit score. It doesn’t matter if you have started your business recently or running an existing business.
2. Research extensively with our list of best business credit cards that fit your requirements.
3. Apply and use your credit card wisely.

Which credit card is best for businessman?

There is no fixed answer to this question, as the best credit card for a businessman will vary depending on the individual’s spending habits and their requirements. However, some of the most popular credit cards for businessmen include the American Express Platinum Card, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, and the Citi Prestige Card.

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