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Are you facing a problem during login to the Liteblue account? Don’t worry! We have featured a step-by-step guide to solving your login issue of Liteblue Employee. The USPS (United States Postal Service) has created LiteBlue Portal for the employees.

This LiteBlue website permits the employees to access various vital information within a few clicks. Under this website, the USPS employees can track their job and access mail orders. With this online portal, they can easily check their projects. Apart from this, they can even manage all other personal details such as ePayroll, pension, work schedule, etc.

USPS Portal Services

If you want to know the various services under LiteBlue, then go through this post.

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LiteBlue Login – USPS Gov Employee Guide

The USPS employees should log in to their USPS account to get various benefits. Every USPS employee should have an employee ID and a password to operate Liteblue USPS

Note: If you are UPS employee you can use UPSers Official website

Steps For Register LiteBlue USPS Account:

  • No online registration is available for the employees new to USPS.
  • At USPS, the HR team will offer the newcomers a username and a temporary password.
  • It would be best to have the username and temporary passwords for further LiteBlue.Sign In to SSP
  • For your account’s first-time assessment, you need to enter the provided username and the temporary password.
  • After successful registration on LiteBlue USPS Login Portal, you can change the password from the USPS Self-service password option.

Steps for Liteblue USPS Login:

After registering yourself on LiteBlue, you need to login into your LiteBlue Account. Here are the steps of how you will log in to LiteBlue:

  • Firstly Go to on your search engine, or you can click on this link to go to the login page of USPS LiteBlue.
  • Enter your Employee ID number in the USPS Employee ID box and your password in the USPS Password Box.
    Liteblue login portal
  • After entering those details, click on the “Log On” beside the box to get access to your LiteBlue Account.

What is LiteBlue PostalEASE?


LiteBlue PostalEASE is simply a telephonic service that permits employees to make transactions related to postal services. Here, you can get access to liquidated services. The PostalEASE permits you to amend and enroll your current allotments. Through this portal, you can make online payments to numerous plans. Besides this, you can even directly edit or view or reject the enrollment in the FEHB program.

What is LiteBlue FEHB?

FEHB stands for LiteBlue Federal Employees Health Benefits. Here, the employees can manage the health care requirements for their families. They get the opportunity to choose the best plan among a wide range of available plans in the nation.

Federal Employees Health Benefits

After you enroll yourself here, you will get the option of changing the plans every year. You can even change your plans for some qualifying events such as Change in Family or Change in Employment, or anything else.

About LiteBlue ePayroll:

This LiteBlue ePayroll permits the employees to look at their current benefits regarding employment, salary structure, and retirement benefits. This facility also allows you to access the e-Travel to bank allotments.ePayroll Login

You can also get the facility of checking your earning statements for the last 40 periods. This facility is available for 24×7 days that supports GO GREEN and permits the USPS to proceed with the job without causing any harm to the environment.

LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resource:

LiteBlue Human Resources

LiteBlue USPS HR department works for the betterment of its employees. It makes them aware of various plans available for them and many other benefits exclusively for them. It organizes training for the employees, making them efficient. You can contact them for any job queries.

Contact Details of LiteBlue:

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This is all about LiteBlue Login that you should know. It is better to have a brief idea about the various services offered by the USPS LiteBlue before accessing it. After having a clear idea about this, it will be easier for you to handle the USPS website properly.