Call to Participate in Day of Actions

August 8, 2018



The actions on August 12 are a collective condemnation of Unite the Right 2 on the anniversary weekend of last year's tragic events in Charlottesville

Washington, D.C.—The Shut It Down D.C. Coalition is calling all anti-fascists and people of good conscience to participate in actions planned for August 12 in Washington D.C.

The actions organized by the Shut It Down DC Coalition will send a message that–in spite of the efforts of white supremacy, generation after generation, to destroy us as Black, Jewish, queer, Muslim, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, women, immigrant, disabled, union, sex worker, and poor communities–we are still alive, we are still here, and the resilience and solidarity we've built together has made us stronger than ever.

Below is the schedule of publicly listed events for Sunday, August 12 in Washington, D.C.

Still Here, Still Strong Rally

Still Here, Still Strong Rally will be at Freedom Plaza from 12 P.M. - 3 P.M.

The Shut It Down D.C. Coalition is holding the Still Here, Still Strong (#StillHereStillStrong) rally on August 12 in Washington, D.C. to bring together all people who seek to lift up love in opposition to violence perpetrated by white supremacy, fascism, and other forms of structural oppression and hatred.

The Still Here, Still Strong rally will be fully permitted. The rally will feature speakers from diverse backgrounds, music, and vibrant displays of art and culture to show the diversity and power of united communities in the face of right-wing violence. The rally will include an ASL interpreter, chairs for the front row, childcare, security, and de-escalators.

"As rally organizers, it's important that we feature speakers from the most marginalized identities to celebrate our existence," said Constance Y, an organizer for the rally. "We are convening to uplift our long legacies of resistance and the power that we harness from surviving white supremacy in all its forms: overt, covert, institutional and otherwise."

March to Lafayette Park

The march to Lafayette Park will be at 3:30 P.M. starting at Freedom Plaza

The march to Lafayette Park will begin shortly after the Still Here, Still Strong Rally. The permitted march will begin at Freedom Plaza and end at Lafayette Park, where a permitted rally will continue. There will be a clear division between the end of the Still Strong, Still Here Rally and the start of the march. This will be a higher risk space due to proximity of white supremacists.

"It's a sad indictment of this country that we are even having to deal with organized white supremacists," said Mike Stark, an organizer for the march to Lafayette Park. "This crisis, like every crisis, poses a question. Will we sit passively and hope for the best? Or will we stand up and attend to the unfinished business of eliminating racism once and for all. On August 12, thousands of people of conscience will be standing up. We hope millions who feel as they do will soon follow their example."

Black Lives Matter Counter-Protest

Rise Up, Fight Back counter-protest will be at 905 16th St. NW at 12 P.M.

Organizers from Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Project, Black Leaders Organizing for Change, HU Resist and Shut It Down DC, will gather to oppose white supremacist violence by leading the Rise Up, Fight Back counter-protest on August 12th, beginning at 905 16th St N.W. This action will be in solidarity with the Still Here, Still Strong Rally.

"For a black-led movement that received national attention through civil disobedience, we are continuing our fight against white supremacy right where we started, in the streets, and we ask you to join us," said Black Lives Matter D.C. Organizer Makia Green. "We're here to let white supremacists, fascists, neo-nazis and their sympathizers know that D.C. has driven out these types of white supremacists before and we will do it again."

Stay plugged in to by visiting for updated information. #DontPermitRacism #RiseUpFightBack

Anti-fascist/Abolitionist Bloc

The time and location of the Antifascist/Abolitionists bloc will be announced on @shutitdowndc.

The Anti-fascists and Abolitionists Bloc action is in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Contingent, the Queer Dance Party Protest, the Still Strong, Still Here Rally, aligned community groups, congregations, and individuals planning direct action, rallies, and occupations against fascism in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area.

"It is our duty to fight for our freedom, it is our duty to win, we must love and protect each other, we have nothing to lose but our chains," said Assata Shakur in a statement.

Trans & Queer Dance Party Protest

Time and location of the Trans & Queer Dance Party Protest will be announced on social media.


The FaceBook Page Deletion

Earlier today, Facebook deleted numerous Facebook pages, including one event aimed at promoting a protest against Jason Kessler's Unite The Right 2, the sequel no one asked for.

The Shut It Down DC Coaliton has been meeting for weeks. We took over the Facebook event created by outside groups, in a desire to keep it accountable to local organizers. At numerous points, national groups have organized events in DC, and often demanded the resources of local organizers. We took over the Facebook event in question to prevent over-burden, and to control it.

The event was created by Resisters, but was used for legitimate protest organizing and promotion. Specifically, local organizers put our own messaging, graphics, and videos in it. We did not promote anyones views except our own.

White nationalism and supremacy is not a Russian ploy, it's a systemic problem. Jason Kessler is not a Russian bot, he's the foot soldier of the Trump agenda. White Supremacy did not start with the election of Trump and it won't end when Democrats are elected to the U.S. congress. It started when Columbus arrived in 1492 and robbed, murdered, and raped first nation peoples, it continued with the chattel slave trade, Segregation and Jim Crow, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese internment camps, and shackled dead black bodies on stolen land.

Black Lives Matter D.C. and numerous other groups are central to organizing against a real threat to D.C. We do not organize because of a FaceBook account purportedly run by Russia, we do this to make sure our loved ones, communities, and neighborhoods stay safe from fascists in, and out of, uniforms.

We've since created a new Facebook event but we know real organizing comes from talking with our neighbors, and that this is a real protest in Washington, D.C. It is not George Soros, it is not Russia, it is just us. Facebook, has left numerous white nationalists pages openly promoting hate up for months at a time, claiming their hands were tied. They regularly suspended Black Lives Matter, Antifascist Groups, and Black Lives Matter member accounts. They have taken down real organizing.

In solidarity,

The Shut It Down D.C. Coalition

Rise Up Fight Back BLM D.C. Contingent

The white supremacists want to come back. On Aug 12, 2018, the Alt-Right will hold "Unite the Right 2" in Washington DC in front of the White House at Lafayette Square. In collaboration with Shut It Down D.C., we are calling Black Lives Matter activists, supporters, and our Movement for Black Lives comrades to participate in days of action against fascism on August 10 through August 12 and a mass mobilization in Washington D.C. for our Rise Up Fight Back March on Aug 12th, 2018.