Lost My iPhone – How Can I Find it?

Have you lost your iPhone? No worries when you have an exclusive feature that is only present in Apple known as ‘Find my device.’ Just with a few steps, you can find your iPhone on Mac. Protect your information in just a sec.

Ways to Find Your Lost iPhone On Mac:

We will tell you to find your iPhone in both the cases whether you have turned on the Find my device feature on your iPhone turned off the Find my device feature on your iPhone.

First, let’s talk about if you have enabled it on your iPhone.

Method 1: Enabled on iPhone:

Find my device feature helps you to recover your device very quickly and moreover; it keeps your information secured.

  • Start with signing in icloud.com/find on your Mac or in case you have another Apple device you can also login to it.
  • Select the option ‘find my app’ on it. And it will show you the location on the map.
  • It will show you the estimated location of your missing iPhone if the area shows nearby. You have an opportunity to find your iPhone by ringing it so that someone observes it.
  • Here, mark your iPhone lost.
  • When you mark your iPhone as lost that automatically locks your device with a password and you can have live tracking of the location of your device.
  • When your device is in lost mode, all the payment methods from your phone get blocked till you report your device. So the next step is to report your missing iPhone. This will track your device, and your cards and money will be secure.
  • Add the serial number of your device to add it to local law enforcement.
    To keep the data in your iPhone safe, you have to erase all your data that is on your device.
  • Find your iPhone on https://www.icloud.com/
  • This will result in lost track for your iPhone, and the activation lock will automatically turn off in the device and remove your account from the device.
  • Then the next step is that you have to report your missing iPhone to your wireless carrier. This step will deactivate your SIM for some time, and thus your calls, messages, and data usage will not take place.
  • And you know what, if you make use of family sharing then you will be able to locate your iPhone with their device. Just they can sign in iCloud with their Apple id.

Now, what is you have not enabled ‘Find My Device’ on your missing iPhone. Then you need to make use of other steps.

Method 2: Not Enabled on iPhone

Save your data on your iPhone

The steps we will tell you will help you to save your data present on your iPhone.

  • First of all, go to the Apple official site to change the password of your Apple id.
  • After you change the password, no other person will be able to access the data of your iPhone. Your iCloud, iMessage, iTunes will automatically log out of the missing device.
  • Along with this, make sure you change the passwords of your other networking handles such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others as well.
  • Again that same thing, report your missing device to local law enforcement. Don’t forget that you can only report your device if you know your iPhone’s serial number.

Again, rest the same step to inform the service carrier about your lost device so that they deactivate your SIM for the time, you don’t take the new one. If you don’t have to find my device on your iPhone, then it is only possible to save your data such as credit card, debit card, and other payment methods.

So always make sure you keep the Find My Device turned on in your iPhone so that in case you lost it you will be able to find it.

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