How to Change WiFi Password on Your Wireless Router?

Everyone knows that hackers have been hacking different wireless networks for many years. It is good to know they do not even require hacking your wireless. If you never modified the admin password of your wireless router from its default value. If you never did this, then a hacker needs to do is to look up the default password and sign in. you can find the lists on the internet, which give hackers the default admin passwords for commercial routers available in the market, these days. If you are one of them, when you first setup router you plugged it in, then you need to follow a couple of steps using a quick setup card. You can start with everything you need. How to change Wifi password easily? Find Out below.

How to Change WiFi Password on Your Wireless Router?

These are the general steps that you will have to follow to change or reset the password on your wireless router. It is important to know that the directions may vary according to the model and maker of the router. You can consult your router’s operating manual, prior to doing any kind of reset process. You need also to follow the complete safety precautions, which are mentioned in the documentation of your router. Get ready to start with a step by step process to complete the process of changing the admin password, which is as follows:

Change Router Password

Press and Hold the Reset back on the Wireless Router’s Back:

Depending on the brand of your router, you will need to hold the reset button from ten to thirty seconds. On several routers, you may need to use a thumbtack or pin to press the button, in the case if it is recessed in the router.

Connect your Computer to an Ethernet Port on your Router:

If you want to access the router’s configuration settings, you should log in by visiting the browser-accessible administrator page. Several routers disable administration through wireless. It is good to ensure that you are connected to the router through an Ethernet cable.

Type the IP Address:

Most of the routers have a non-routable internal IP address, like 192.168.o.1 or You cannot access the IP address from the internet. For that reason, you may need to use your particular router’s manual for the correct address.

Type the Default Administrator Login Name and Password:

Check the website of the manufacturer to locate the default admin name as well as password. You can google the default admin password that is followed by the brand name and model of the router.

Click on the ‘Admin’ Page:

Using the router’s configuration page, you need to click on the Admin page. Here, you can create a strong password for your router. If you have ever lost this password, it is important to repeat all the steps from the starting to the end. If you do not remember how to change Wifi password by accessing the admin page, you can skip steps one and two and then type the admin username and password, into the step 4.

In this manner, you can change the password of your wireless router without changing all other settings. Make sure you enter the complex and strong password for router’s admin password. Otherwise, if you will ever lose this password, you need to repeat all the steps. If in case, you want to change it, you can basically skip one or two steps and further enter the password and username. This can help you in changing the router password without wiping the settings of your router at all. Give it a try today.

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